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“Tax Fuse” program

A set of procedures designed to assist sole proprietors and capital companies. The purpose of “Tax Fuse” is to reduce the risk of incurring criminal liability (Polish Criminal Code) and fiscal criminal liability (Polish Fiscal Criminal Code) resulting from incorrect tax settlements and negative tax consequences in the area of the VAT deduction, the inclusion of expenses in tax costs.

Using “Tax Fuse” reduces the risk of associating the company, its representatives, and employees with conscious participation in tax carousels, illegal chain transactions, and other activities aimed at unlawful tax avoidance.

These procedures were developed by KrafTax specialists in collaboration with Attorney Grzegorz Labuda, an undisputed authority in criminal law and fiscal criminal law. “Tax Fuse” is unique among tax procedure offerings because it provides a certificate confirming that adherence to the developed procedures, along with their proper implementation, significantly reduces tax risk and the risk of fiscal criminal liability in selected areas.

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Tax mini-audit

This product verifies tax settlements for income tax, VAT, and PCC tax. It is suitable for individuals conducting business as well as capital companies.

The audit is conducted using a customized tax questionnaire that is tailored to the Client’s business. Specialists evaluate the answers provided to identify irregularities in tax qualification, areas of tax risk, and potential opportunities to benefit from tax regulations.

The result of the tax mini-audit is a report that describes identified risks and provides suggestions for their elimination or reduction.

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KSeF implementation

Starting January 1, 2025, the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) will be mandatory. This system will revolutionize the invoicing process for all taxpayers.

Companies must make various adjustments to prepare for the implementation of this new system. These adjustments involve modifying both the solutions and software used to generate sales documents, as well as changing the procedures for circulating documents within the organization.

KrafTax’s consultants provide personalized and comprehensive support for implementing KSeF. We perform a risk analysis and evaluate its impact, provide ongoing training and consultations, and verify compliance of internal SAP/ERP systems while implementing internal KSeF procedures.

It is recommended to start preparing now due to the extensive nature of these changes.